Mr.Robert Otto

Position: Production
Categories: Jolika Team

Mr. Robert Otto  is a registered and practicing pharmacist and academician with over 20 years demonstrated experience.

Have a proven expertise in Medicine, Nutrient and Cosmetics Product Development, Pharmaceutical
analyses; Vaccines; Biological analyses; Microbiological analyses; Biotechnology; Pharmacy practice;
Capacity building; Scientific and Medical investigations and Research.

Ever worked in a WHO (World Health Organization Laboratory). This was at the National Institute for
Biological Standards & Control) Laboratory, Hertfordshire, England.

He holds a Master in Applied Biomolecular Technology and a first degree in Pharmacy.

He is a lecturer in department of Pharmacy at Makerere University College of Health Sciences and an adopted into the Executive Board of National
Council for Traditional Healers & Herbalists Association of Uganda.

He brings a lot of experience in research for our products formulations and dosage forms.