Dr.Godfrey Bbosa

Position: Production
Phone: +256773466690
Categories: Jolika Team

Dr. Godfrey Bbosa is a lecturer in the department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Makerere University
College of Health Sciences, Kampala in Uganda.

Godfrey is a Clinical Pharmacologist / Neuroscientist and a researcher.

He has attended a number of professional development courses and international
conferences and laboratories especially in USA with a focus in the area of Neuroscience, stress and
depression, alcohol, substances of abuse, addiction and neurotoxicity.

Godfrey has research interest instress and depression, alcohol and substances of abuse and addiction, medicines use in clinical practice.
Godfrey has more than 50 publications in peer reviewed International Journals and 4 Book chapters.

He is currently supervising many Masters and PhD students on the use, safety and efficacy of medicinal
He leads JOLIKA’s production team.